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Cape of Good Hope Cabled Anchor Sheet

Fine Stamps and Postal History for two decades…

Since 1980 we have dealt in philately of the British Commonwealth, favouring the former colonies in Africa. The accent is upon unusual material in all price ranges. Covers, Proofs & Varieties – if it is attractive or interesting we enjoy handling it! Our uncompromising quality standards, thorough describing, guarantee of authenticity and “no-question refund” policy ensure that you can confidently join our worldwide clientele.

We enjoy membership in a number of Trade Societies and Philatelic Organisations. We are amongst the leaders in our field and uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and excellence.

Johnson Philatelics is situated in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Who’s On The Team

Richard Johnson RDPSA: Managing Director of Johnson Philatelics with 30 years experience as a full time professional philatelist. Travels extensively worldwide attending trade shows, visiting with clients and sourcing unusual material. With an eagle eye for quality, Richard has special expertise in Cape of Good Hope and Commonwealth Proofs and Specimens. An exhibitor of Cape of Good Hope (various collections) to Large Gold level and an actively serving Nationally accredited Philatelic Judge since 1989, he was invited to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists of Southern Africa in 2004. He is presently Chairman of the Philatelic Federation of South Africa’s (PFSA) Management Committee, President of the South African Philatelic Dealers Association (SAPDA) and since 2007 serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations (IFSDA).

Colin Johnson: Colin has all the fun, we think! New purchases are routed to him for initial describing and/or lotting so he gets to enjoy the intact original collections first! Special area of interest is Cape of Good Hope Postal History of which he is a respected and meticulous Large Gold award-winning exhibitor. Quote: “I’d rather be fishing!”

Carli Grobler: They call her Geheimwaffe, but officially she is Richard’s Executive Assistant. Geheimwaffe is German for Secret Weapon and that is exactly what she is, dealing with anything and everything that comes her way – including checking the winning lottery numbers in Thailand. With a Masters degree in Media Studies she has a deep understanding of visual, verbal and written communication. Her skills include design, website management, communication, database management, project administration and office management.

Deborah Johnson: Auction catalogue photograph layouts, preparation of inventory. Deborah takes the extra load at times of peak pressure. With a Business Degree and Marketing background from her time at Volkswagen SA she is our sounding-board for most ideas.

Mark Morris:
Mark is the Financial Director for our holding company and concerns himself with the implications of Richard and Colin’s mutual desire to ceaselessly acquire more and more inventory! He is Managing Director of Zakly Investments, advisors to a select private clientele.


  1. Taryn Lanterme
    July 30, 2016 - 2:17 pm

    Good day, I’m looking for someone to evaluate my collection and hopefully sell! Do you cater for this?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Taryn

      We are mainly interested in pre-1910 British Africa, but if you would like to send us some scans or photos (taken with a smartphone is fine) of the best parts of your collection then we can ascertain whether we would be interested or we will try to refer you to someone who would. Please send to: info@johnson.co.za

      Best regards.

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