Cape of Good Hope

Ah! The beautiful Cape and the joy of the wonderful philately emanating from its history of discovery, settlement and development.

Our love and research of Cape Philately has contributed greatly to the knowledge and literature available and we invite Collectors to browse this section, our descriptions supporting the lovely offerings and recording much of interest.

In our support of Collectors we have discovered several of the only six known van Riebeeck letters (1652) and you will find an excellent choice of the Handstruck / Pre-Stamp material including Governor’s letters, the scarce and lovely Octagonals and Port Elizabeth PAID handstamps, the fascinating Military Mail, the Gold & Diamond Era, Briefstok Letters, Missionary / Church Mail, Newspapers and Revenue Documents.

From the Cape of Good Hope adhesive period we offer the most superb selection of rare Proofs, Colour & Perf Trials and Essays including the FOURTH example discovered of the six prepared “CANCELLED” Triangulars from the Perkins Bacon distribution to the family of Sir Rowland Hill. You will view wonderful Triangulars with Red Cancellations, Roulettes and the very scarce Port Elizabeth Post Bag Seal Canceller. Postal history includes Soldier’s / Military Mail from the many wars and skirmishes, Manuscript & Cork Cancellations, Ship Wreck & Private Ship Mail, Camel Post, Postal Stationery and Proving Covers from the many outlying small villages spread throughout the Colony.


  1. Martin von Fintel
    May 28, 2017 - 8:00 am

    Good morning,

    of interest would be your items relating to :
    xx Gold and Diamond era,
    xx Missionary/Church mail,
    as both are within my field of interest. Have you got detail;s available, please

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