New Material Coming Soon!

After a successful visit to the Pretoria National Stamp Show the Johnson Team is looking forward to offering our clients new material which will be featured on Filat AG.

As a hint of the desirable items to come we present to you this 1907 KEVII 2/6 red cover booklet (SG SB2). F-VF unexploded example (one pane of six stamps removed) containing four complete panes of six 1d’s, the interleaves & covers intact. Stapled at left. Includes the rare first pane where the top left stamp is defaced by overprint “NOT FOR USE”, the additional 1d defraying the cost of production – see footnote in SG. Some minor imperfections, generally very good condition for this exceedingly elusive booklet. An exhibition piece and great rarity! (cv£3000). 20,580 of these booklets were produced but very few survive.

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